Creativity abounds

My paintings and prints are rendered in an illustrative style that strives for visual simplicity.  I emphasize the 2D surfaces of my work by painting mostly flat.  Drawing has long been my preferred mode of expression, and linear elements prevail throughout my work.  

I'm intrigued by human behavior and how people have so many self-imposed problems.  In my artwork, I try to depict the imperfections of humanity using sardonic imagery.  Caricature is the essence of cartooning, and I exaggerate forms to achieve style and humor.  I sometimes draw from observation, though I rarely use nature as my guide.  Sharp outlines and bright colors tend to abstract my forms, which are meant to be symbolic.  My art is very much about meaning, and my subjects inevitably reflect my personality.  Whether good or bad, all thoughts are relevant, begging to be interpreted and perhaps understood.  In the tradition of the cathartic artist, I draw and paint because it purges my soul and helps me understand my peculiar self.

I don't feel like justifying the sometimes-lewd material that appears in my work.  The insane but masterful British illustrator Ralph Steadman says it best: "I'm not vicious and nasty like my drawings.  It may be that behind all that aggression is a man a little bit afraid of what he sees."

Nick Ross:  Artist / Designer from Bozeman, Montana

Nick Ross: Artist / Designer from Bozeman, Montana